Welcome to De Geergymnasiet!

In the centre of the city, you will find the oldest and most beautiful upper secondary school in Norrköping, De Geergymnasiet. With its roots in old traditions, this is a modern school that aims at the future. At De Geergymnasiet, “You can be just what you are.”

It may be a big school but it has the small school’s atmosphere of security and fellowship, important factors in your personal development and for achieving good results in your studies.

At De Geergymnasiet, you can influence and improve the way your education develops thanks to a manifest and well-organised system of pupil influence. There are many active student associations here that will allow you to cultivate your particular interests.

The De Geer School stands for diversity:

We have a large number of international contacts. This includes participation in
several EU projects and our objective is to increase the number.

A fair number of different nationalities and cultures are represented among
our pupils.

You can study science, languages (classical, such as Latin and Greek, and modern such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian), social science, economics, gastronomic and institutional cookery, dance, theatre, art and design, music, fashion and designing and special sports. In addition, there is an upper secondary special (remedial) school and an introductory course for immigrants.

Our large variety of courses and educational programs gives us a rich and varied student group and you an endless amount of possibilities.

We believe that great advantages are offered by our view of teaching and quality, combined with the wide range of choices provided by an upper secondary school structured in courses. Our objective is to create, together with you, the basis for realising your vision of a positive future.

Welcome to our school!

Publicerad: 2009-12-16
De Geergymnasiet, Nygatan 68, 602 34 Norrköping, tel 011-15 38 00, degeergymnasiet@norrkoping.se